Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Does this paint a postive picture of black people to you

This is what the experts at say about the current issues of black people, does it seem gloom of it is just me?

Most African Americans have significantly improved their social and economic standing since the Civil Rights Movement, and recent decades have witnessed the expansion of a vibrant, African American middle class across the United States. However, because of the disproportionate sizes of the working and lower classes, collectively, African Americans remain at an economic, educational and social disadvantage relative to whites. Economically, the median income of African Americans is roughly 55% that of whites. Persistent social, economic and political issues for many African Americans include inadequate healthcare access and delivery; institutional racism and discrimination in housing, education, policing, criminal justice and employment; crime; poverty; and substance abuse. African Americans are frequently the targets of racial profiling. They are also more likely to be incarcerated. African Americans also have higher prevalence of some chronic health conditions relative to the general population. These problems and potential remedies have been the subject of intense public policy debate in the United States in general, and within the African American community in particular.

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