Monday, November 20, 2006

They are thinking about it?!?

I think they can kiss my back side. Why are they stmbling around it? If they want to appologize do it! It seems they are trying to create a media circus for the whole thing and there is no appology in sight.

British Government thinks about saying slavery was regretable

Press Association
Friday September 22, 2006
The Guardian
The government is considering issuing a statement of regret for the slave trade on the 200th anniversary of its abolition. Commemorations are to be held across the UK on March 25, two centuries after the passing of an 1807 parliamentary bill outlawing the trade in the British empire. The deputy prime minister, John Prescott, ruled out a formal apology for Britain's part in slavery earlier this year. But he will chair a meeting next month of the advisory committee overseeing preparations for the commemoration, at which proposals for a statement of regret are expected to be discussed.,00.html

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