Friday, December 08, 2006

Man Up! Nobody Is Coming To Save Us

Hartford, CT ( - This highly acclaimed novel has caught the attention and support of Bill Cosby and Rev. Al Sharpton. Each agree that it is a must read book for the community!

Man Up! states that internalized racism is the number one reason why the Black community is filled with: absentee fathers, mothers who raise their sons to be mamma's boys, bad eating, drinking and sexual habits, negative" thug" imagery, Black professional organizations mismanagement of resources, opportunistic Black intellectuals, and nobody is supposed to talk about it publicly. And most Black churches stand idly by as the band plays on.

Mr. Perry was born to a teenage mother and raised in public housing. He received his masters in social work from the University of Pennsylvania and his undergraduate degree from the University of Rhode Island. He has worked for various politicians (US Senators, Mayors and presidential candidates) and as the director for a homeless shelter. Mr. Perry is the principal and founder of the Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, CT. A school that prepares low-income high school students for college.

Steve Perry is currently on a national book tour! Steve has spoken on at least 50 different radio stations and will be speaking at: Lander University in Greenwood, SC; University of Louisiana at Shreveport, LA; and St. Philip's College, San Antonio, TX.

Check out his website: for additional information, booking, or interviews.

Title: Man Up! Nobody Is Coming To Save Us
Author: Steve Perry
ISBN: 0-9708929-2-6

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