Monday, November 27, 2006


This information I got from the Wikipedia is interesting. It shows how deep rooted the separated or races are. Its like a White mother saying to her daughter,"Don't dare have babies with that Black man, don't dilute our precious race." Racism is so deep rooted, most of the time it isn't even seen. Because of that it continues, not enough people are standing up. Also a problem is a significant part of the Black population is not goal oriented. I know I am saying things that you already know. But here in this blog I am all about loving yourself and your race. Embracing your heritage.

I went off on a rant there but here is the info from the wikipedia

"British North America imported only about 500,000 Africans out of the 11 million shipped across the Atlantic.[2] Nevertheless, the United States has been astonishingly successful at preserving two distinct genetic populations: one of mostly African ancestry, the other overwhelmingly European.[3] All other New World states (except Canada) that imported African slaves have unimodal Afro-European genetic admixture scatter diagrams. Indeed, two thirds of white Americans have no detectable African ancestry at all (other than the ancient African ancestry shared by all members of our species, of course). Only one-third of white Americans have detectable African DNA (averaging 2.3 percent) from ancestors who passed through the endogamous color line from black to white.[4] Furthermore, U.S. government's surveys continue to categorize on a strict color-line. The federal census has no provision for a "multiracial" or "biracial" self-identity and, until 2000, forbade checking off more than one box. The EEOC has strict regulations defining who is black or white and implicitly denies the existence of mixed people."

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