Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Segregationist Returns!

Reacquaint yourself with the new Senate minority whip...

I ran across this great video this morning. Everyone is focusing on KKKramer, like Rev. Jesse Jackson said,"What about Trent Lott?".

This is the article from the Post

According to Hotline, Trent Lott is set to become the Senate Minority Whip.
In 2002 Trent Lott was one of the earliest casualties of blogger vigilance, when his praise of the racist, segregationist presidential candidacy of Strom Thurmond was picked up and amplified by the blogs. The corporate media simply couldn't ignore it.
It's not as if it were an isolated gaffe. As Wikipedia points out:
As a Congressman, he voted against renewal of the Voting Rights Act and opposed the Martin Luther King Holiday. Lott also maintained an affiliation with the Council of Conservative Citizens, which is described as a hate group by the ADL, NAACP and SPLC.
Or, if you prefer, watch PTV's and one of my favorite bloggers, Terrance Heath of Republic of T's, Video to the right.
After enough people noticed Lott's remark and it became a political liability, then -- and only then -- did the president and republican leaders speak out against the Mississippi senator, forcing him to resign his position as Senate Majority Leader.
They replaced the bigot with a failure, Bill Frist, while Lott will now become second in command to the post he once resigned in shame and ignominy. Frist will return to making ill-advised video diagnoses in Tennessee.


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